Tool for managing spread betting, CFD and Forex trading account


The customer is one of the leading providers of contracts for difference, FX and spread betting leading in spread betting and CFD trading.


The customer looked for experienced iOS developers to join their distributed team and assist them in further implementation of a native iOS spread betting and CFD trading application. The challenge was to take up a scheme of the future application and follow the development plan providing quality services. The solution was to meet the industry requirements of speedy data processing and performance as well as strict standards ensuring security of trading deals and transactions.


To pre-select vendors the client set up a test project - a small-size project to build iOS application enabling users to check quotations changes, fluctuations and trends on various financial markets and posting comments in twitter. After successful implementation, our team has selected as a long-term partner for iOS development. The dedicated team started with 2 developers gradually growing and reaching the size of 6 iOS developers and 3 QA specialists (automation and manual) during the stages of the solution extensions to new markets.

The dev team has been developing, enhancing and supporting the following functionality in the application: - instant checking of the latest prices and market movements, - opening and closing positions, - comprehensive live streaming charting package allowing to analyse historical data and identify price patterns and trends, with historical and live streaming prices, - publishing of the latest global investment news from Reuters News, - setting of stop and limit orders including if done and OCO (one cancels other), - creation of new or amending of existing orders, - viewing of pending, completed and cancelled orders, - monitoring of positions using a unique positions chart, - receiving push notifications on price changes for specific markets, - viewing and amending of multiple Watch Lists, - reviewing of trade and order history, - signing in via Touch ID, - trying out the application without signing up, - managing trading account. One of the most critical features in the application is its security since it deals with access to CFD trading account information and transactions. The application was also tuned to work efficiently in the environment of the latest iOS versions.

Since the projects has been developed for many years, the core code base is written with Objective-C, however, all the new features and project modules use the latest version of Swift. We are proud of great progress in automating iOS routines such as code signing, continuous tests running, binary distribution and release delivery. Technologies, which help us with automation, are Faslane, TeamCity, Git Flow. Finally, our QA team is working on native Xcode UI testing which allows to run manual test cases in CI systems and decrease time required for regression testing.



Single positions


In the project SCRUM methodology is broadly used, and the whole team is geographically very distributed, based in UK, US, Eastern Europe. SCRUM master is on the client's side and he communicates directly with team members. Project progress, requirements, activities and bugs/changes tracking and management are run via the customer's internal custom system. Dev and QA teams are closely communicating with other production teams such as back-end/front-end developers, BAs, designers, product owners. Production process is based on 2 weeks sprints.



We have become an integral part of the customer's international team and bring value to the project with competency and innovative approach helping the product stay on top among the competitors. The solution covers significant amounts of digital trading deals: up to 26 000 from an iPhone and 5 000 from an iPad version per week (according to Google analytics currently we have about 10 000 trades from iPhone and 1500 trades from iPad daily), - and hopefully continues winning awards like in the short past: the Money AM 'Best Mobile Trading Platform', Financial Times and Investors Chronicle Award for 'Innovation of the Year (Mobile)', the Shares Magazine 'Best Online Trading Application' Award.

Technologies and tools

Platform: iOS.
Technologies: iOS 9-12, CocoaPods, Fastlane, Git flow, TeamCity, TestFlight, HockeyApp, Unit tests, Xcode UI tests, UIKit and CoreGraphic, for visualization, for graphs visualization, Lightstreamer, Widgets, Push Notifications, Touch ID, OCLint analysis tool.

Duration: 2012 - now

Team: 6 iOS developers, 3 QA specialists

Cooperation model: DDT