Population Alerting System


Norwegian technology company with international operations, an industry leader within the area of critical communication and population alerting systems. The client specializes in creating of solutions for citizen communication and public warning for people’s security, convenience and welfare, being a pioneer in the development of advanced systems for critical messages and having many unique patents known in the industry for their technological and lifesaving capabilities.


To support the current project and extend the system’s functionalities. The product should be able to notify people about disasters, both natural and manmade, to help to react quickly in affected areas and avoid potential threats through various communication channels, as Voice, SMS, Location based SMS, Email, Fax, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Team and Cooperation Approach

The customer was looking for an innovative and initiative highly skilled Java Engineer with experience in Ember JS (which was quite a rare framework for Java specialists). In addition to their development center in India the customer was also searching out a reliable partner in Eastern Europe, a well-known location for strong IT specialists along with affordable prices.

The selection process was quite tough, as the client wanted to see only comprehensively advanced specialists on their project. Upon CV review by the customer candidates are supposed to pass a set of tests: mathematical and logic test, programming questions and a short test task on Java. In case a candidate qualifies well, technical interviews with the Product Owner and the Team Lead follow. For our candidature the interviews passed successfully, and the developer joined the project.

On verifying Altabel’s technical competency and business flexibility, the client decided on extension of the team. A couple of other skilled Full-stack Java specialists were added to the team down the road.

Later, to strengthen the customer’s internal team even more, one of our engineers was reassigned from the external team to the internal team who had not had any experience of working with remote specialists before.

The cooperation between our companies has been successfully lasting for more than three years. Periodically in case of skilled resources shortage, the client requests additional hands power from Altabel Group.


The product stack includes several solutions:

  • Population Alert solution - a multi-channel, scalable platform that can be used by one or several disaster management agencies affiliated with governing bodies or by private entities (university campuses, football stadiums, shopping malls, etc) to mitigate disaster risk by timely dissemination of accurate information which helps people react quickly in affected areas and avoid potential threats;
  • Emergency Preparedness suite – a web-based software modules for managing the incident life-cycle including planning for, responding to and recovery from all hazards incident and events;
  • SMS Lifesaver App – a mobile app, that makes it possible for volunteer lifesavers located near a sudden cardiac arrest to be notified, etc.

Technologies and tools: Oracle Java SE version 8, Ember JS

Duration: 2014 - now

Team: 3-6 Senior full-stack JAVA developers

Cooperation model: DDT