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Population alerting system


Telecommunication, Healthcare




3-6 Java developers


Java SE, Ember JS


The Customer specializes in creating solutions for citizen communication.


To support the current project and extend the system's functionalities. The product should be able to notify people about disasters, both natural and manmade, to help react quickly in affected areas and avoid potential threats through various communication channels such as Voice, SMS, Location based SMS, Email, Fax, Facebook, Twitter etc.


The product includes several solutions:

  • Population Alert solution - a multi-channel scalable platform that can be used by one or several disaster management agencies affiliated with governing bodies or by private entities (university campuses, football stadiums, shopping malls etc) to mitigate disaster risk by timely dissemination of accurate information which helps people react quickly in affected areas and avoid potential threats;

  • Emergency Preparedness suite – a web-based software modules for managing the incident life-cycle including planning for, responding to and recovery from all hazardous incidents and events;

  • SMS Lifesaver App – a mobile app that makes it possible for volunteer lifesavers located near a person suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest to be notified etc.

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