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Platform for automated MRI data analysis system and clinical trials management




9+ years


5 Java developers, 1 front-end developer, 2 QA specialists, 1 Business Analyst


Java, GWTP, AngularJS, Node.js, Spring, Oracle, PostgresSQL, Cassandra, PixelMed, PhantomJS, JSP, JasperReports, Apache Tiles, d3/nvd3, FusionCharts, ImageJ


The global group of companies with expertise in clinical research organization (CRO). The Customer delivers systems and services to support the optimal design and efficient management of clinical trials, where imaging provides critical evidence of the novel compound safety and efficacy. The product encompasses patented methodologies for precise and early assessment of treatment efficacy and the tailored advisory, partnering and investment services for the biotech companies with compounds in immune-oncology, immunology, inflammation and neuro-degenerative conditions.


To develop specialized software for automated Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) data analysis to be used in clinical studies, imaging biomarkers research, clinical trials of inflammatory, cardio and neurologic diseases. The system provides information to accurately quantify treatment changes, categorize drug efficacy, and identify subgroups of patients.


The product is a pure in-browser cloud-based software platform for advanced analysis of medical images distinguishing imaging biomarkers and thus accelerating the process of customary image interpretation.

The solution has two modes of operations:

  • The open version is the first free-for-research cloud-based application designed to quantify medical imaging data with the fully automated and semi-automated algorithms;

  • The enterprise version is a comprehensive cloud-based Clinical Trial Image Management System with an integrated multi-stakeholder data management, data upload and data read optimized workflows, as well as a full suite of advanced image analysis functionality for semi and fully automated processing of the static and dynamic MRI sequences, perfusion CT, X-ray and other imaging modalities.

The product’s infrastructure ensures that there is no data loss, mislabeling or data redundancy in the trial. Its comprehensive intelligent decision support tools help guiding all trial stakeholders through the steps needed to either manage or control trial data.

During the course of our cooperation the Customer has also requested assistance in developing a few complementary projects:

  • Advanced viewer for working with volumetric images – allows working with the images on a deeper level and provides a wide range of operating tools for the radiologists.

  • Simple user-friendly dashboard that visualizes data from various clinical studies to different types of panel’s users (CXOs and PMs).

Since 2018 in parallel with the support of the main (production) version and its new features development, the implementation of the new microservices-based platform is in progress along with integrating of Machine Learning into the solution.

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