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Organizations’ risk visualization, assessment and management tool


IoT, Telecommunication




2 developers


NodeJS, React, Redux, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Express, Passport, Swagger, TypeORM, D3.js, Google Maps, Ant Design


A Norwegian startup aiming to provide new easy-to-use risk management solutions connecting risk owners and stakeholders globally through the cloud-based solution and services and making it quick and easy to manage threats and opportunities in all risk entities.


To create a single, user-friendly, but sophisticated tool providing a 360 degree view of organization’s risk landscape: organizational, operational, financial, locational risks, or related to bow tie barriers. Importantly, the solution will simplify risk management by combining best practices from the industry with a patent-pending visualization concept, social interactions and cognitive technology.


The application is a modern risk-management system, and it allows grouping risks in layers, building hierarchy tree of layers, sharing risks and layers between users and companies and granting limited access to specific users, roles and companies. The application has different ways to visualize risks and ratings, and it fulfils the following goals:

  • provide a modern user interface to manage risks and layers;

  • work with big amount of high-loaded operations;

  • implement roles and permissions for layers and risks;

  • provide different data-sets for users and companies;

  • share risks and layers between users and companies;

  • evaluate risk ratings;

  • visualize data using tables, lists, maps, charts and trees;

  • favoritize layers and risks;

  • provide user-friendly interfaces for end-users and administrators.

The project is in progress, at the MVP stage and is being presented to first potential users, who are large companies, for a trial to get the initial feedback on the UX, patent-pending visualization concept & flow.

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