Online wellness platform for corporations


The client is a USA product company, part of Virgin Group corporation, that provides software and hardware development services in wellness sphere for big corporations.


To develop and support of a huge wellness online platform, Android apps, which provide possibility for different corporations to stimulate their employees to a healthier and more joyful life.


The platform includes a number of wellbeing programs, which step by step help employees to build healthy habits, which subsequently allow organizations to reduce healthcare costs, increase workforce productivity, build a great company culture etc.

Brief programs summary

  • Health management program - identifies employees with health risks and delivers disease management programs and resources to help them improve their health;
  • Program that amplifies corporate culture by connecting employees through teamwork, activity and healthy habits;
  • A one-stop-shop that promotes the right programs to each employee and connects them with relevant programs, benefits, tools and information;
  • Steps, active minutes, calories burned, and sleep tracking;
  • Possibility to connect a variety of wearable devices & apps for automatic tracking etc.

Brief project functionality

For the system multiple biometric indicators, like weight, calories, steps, etc are collected from different wearable devices (such as Fitbit, Endomondo). Through API the data lands in NoSQL base (Casandra) and is analyzed there. On the basis of the results the portal is built. Every day the system processes millions of notifications from various devices.

Cooperation description

Collaboration with the customer started from assignment of 3 Senior .NET developers. The main objective at the first stages was to learn the system and perform support tasks - minor changes and bug fixes. Later on our team has participated in the implementation of new modules, plug-ins, delivery reports, payment methods, etc.

During four years of the collaboration, Altabel has been adapting flexibly to dynamically changeable customer’s requirements to the team’s skills, size and composition: for example, at the peak workload period the team counted 12 techies (7 .Net, 3 Java, 1 Android and QA specialists).

Technologies and tools

  • .NET 3.5,4 (C#), MSSQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010-2012, EntityFramework, WCF, NUnit, log4net
  • ASP.NET MVC 3, REST, AngularJS, Carma, Jasmine, JavaScript, jQuery, IIS 7, Windows Server 2008-2012, NoSQL/Casandra
  • JIRA, Confluence, TFS, TeamCity, Bitbucket (GIT), New Relic

Duration: 2013 - now

Team: 7 .Net, 3 Java, 1 Android and QA specialists

Cooperation model: DDT