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Online Platform for a Leading Sushi Restaurant Chain Enhanced by Altabel


E-commerce, Retail


19+ months


1 .Net/C# developer


C#, NopCommerce


Company is a renowned Danish sushi restaurant chain, noted for its innovative approach to enhancing customer experience through technology. The chain operates multiple stores and has embraced digital solutions to streamline operations, increase customer engagement and expand its market reach.


To customize and enhance the existing NopCommerce-based online platform to support new campaigns, product introductions, and future expansion plans effectively. This included integrating complex functionalities such as loyalty systems, gift card management, and automatic order balancing to ensure a seamless user experience.


Our experienced developer is working on the following improvements:

  • Feedback and Campaign Management - Developed NopCommerce plugins for collecting customer feedback and managing campaigns, gift cards, and events, which include both admin and user interfaces.

  • Gift Card Customization - Introduced a widget to define specific PDF templates for each gift card product, allowing personalized offerings.

  • Regulatory Compliance - Developed plugins for notifying the Danish Tax Agency of orders via SAF-T XML, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations.

  • Order Balancing - Implemented a system to limit the number of orders during peak times and developed notifications to guide customers through the ordering process within set time limits.

  • Loyalty Incentives - Created a widget for automatically applying discounts based on customer activities, enhancing the loyalty system.

  • Delivery Integration - Developed a shipping plugin for integration with Lastlap Delivery Provider, facilitating efficient order deliveries.

  • Third-Party Integration - Enabled integration with third-party sellers like, allowing the platform to support diverse product offerings and campaigns.


The enhancements have significantly improved the operational efficiency and customer interaction of the Company's online platform. The new features have enabled more personalized customer experiences and streamlined internal processes. The project has been well-received, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher sales volumes.

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