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IoT platform for elderly & disabled people wellfare


IoT, Healthcare




IOS, Android


1 .Net/Xamarin developer


C #, .NET Framework, ASP.NET Mvc, Entity Framework, Sql Server, Xamarin, Native IOS, Android, Javascript, EF6


The Customer is a Nordic IT/Telecom company specializing in app and mobile telephony technology and developing new services for increasing the welfare of elderly people, people with dementia and cognitive disabilities, especially during their rehabilitation or long/short term staying in nursing homes or care facilities.


To increase security of users being engaged in extreme outdoor activities or to ensure safety of employees in high-risk environments.

  • GPS alarms/mobile safety alarms are designed to provide increased security for their users as well as the users’ relatives. With the help of GPS alarms with a build-in alarm button a user can quickly and easily communicate his position to the care staff or relatives (so-called close persons). Via the mobile network, the device sends a message with the user's position to a website, mobile app or to a “relative” device;

  • The IoT platform is designed to gather the data from GPS devices and other tracking sensors. These devices can be simple GPS devices, or smart watches, or sensors and other products. Through this platform a close person can track the location of a device/sensor and thus track the position of its user;

  • Medication reminders are used to notify a user or his/her selected close persons about taking medication. The medication reminders are equipped with a built-in mobile phone module to alert a user via SMS when it’s time to take a medication.

Altabel's dev team helped the Customer to further develop and maintain operating systems for GPS alarmsand the primary system, to support the communication between IoT devices and the IoT platform and build server-to-server integrations with alarm centers and other partners including integrations for identity and authorization.

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