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Encrypted communication platform for healthcare communities








4 Web developers, 1 Android developer


React, Meteor, Electron, BlazeJS, Node.js, Android


The Customer is an innovative technological startup from Spain that is focused on creating different eHealth tools based on Artificial Intelligence and is positioned in the Top Ten of AI startups according to Crunchbase.


To develop a solution aimed at tackling the problem with lots of unstructured data generated at healthcare institutions and thus sometimes missed by CXO and other managers, which is an innovative encrypted messaging system that provides a secure communication environment for doctors, other healthcare professionals, patients, medical students and administrators of medical institutions and gives the professionals the possibility to separate their personal and professional communications.


The communication platform provides final users with two communication environments: the global community and private channels for doctors of medical institutions (through license). In the global community, each user can exchange information with the rest of users, while private channel is a premium option for hospitals, clinics, medical centers or other organizations whose members want to communicate privately and create their own groups. Both environments share the basic features of a messaging system, as well as many other useful tools for the physician.

The platform also offers a range of specialized AI based tools for doctors:

  • News: it helps the users to stay updated with the latest developments of medicine, science and technology fields;

  • Calculators: this section gives access to more than 200 medical calculators organized by medical specialty;

  • Pharmacological Guide: gives access to all the information related to drugs, interactions, active ingredients and laboratories;

  • 3D Anatomy: innovative 3D anatomy software that offers a dynamic and interactive view of the human body and its pathologies;

  • Dicciomed: it allows to answer any question about pathologies, diagnoses and treatments.

This variety of products offered by the customer helps to meet the needs of the entire medical community through immediate access to information regardless of their geographical location and economic situation. All the products are developed in accordance with European (GDPR) and American (HIPAA) regulations, specific for the Health sector.

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