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Cloud-based system for tracking and configuring multi-WAN routers






2 Web developers


Node.js, MySQL, Angular, TypeScript


A Norwegian start-up company that develops solutions for fast, reliable, fault tolerant and load balanced multi-network Internet connectivity by developing software that transforms consumer grade and industry grade Wi-Fi routers into powerful multi-network routers.


To rewrite an existing cloud PHP-based management system for tracking and configuring of multi-WAN routers based on OpenWRT/LEDE to control and optimize performance and accommodate new features.


The Customer manufactures the routers that support several inbound network connections (for instance, connect to 2 mobile networks simultaneously, or up to 8 fixed-line broadband networks) in order to create resilient networks for critical infrastructures. As a part of the company’s services, there’s an online dashboard that allows the company’s customers to monitor and control their routers fleet and their failover online in real time.


Main use-cases of the solutions:
  • small businesses - smart routers that prioritize critical business traffic and provide network resilience, lower the risk for reduced functionality and service disruption;

  • connected journey - smart router technologies that offer optimal Internet connectivity for passengers throughout their journey;

  • health and home care industry boosted by innovative IoT devices - deployment of centrally managed and highly secure smart routers enabling both professional care givers and patients to feel safer;

  • connected transportation - by sensing the quality of all available networks and using aggressive connection dropping, the router discards weak networks and dispatches traffic through the fastest and most reliable internet connections to provide optimized handover;

  • mobile workers - secure reliable access to central company network infrastructure and applications to effectively report and document while operating outside the office;

  • CSPs and system integrators - providing flexible hybrid-WAN/multi-WAN to ensure seamless failover and uninterrupted service and VPN for all devices, including unified management and customer support dashboard.

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