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Stablecoin Wallet for Emerging Markets


Fintech, Banking


6 months


1 architect, 2 React Native developers, 1 JS backend developer


React Native, JavaScript, Ethers.js, Kotlin, Swift


A startup founded in Germany working on decentralized payment solutions for countries suffering from inflation.


To develop an MVP of stablecoin (DAI/USDC) wallet (React Native mobile application) for emerging markets.


The purpose of the application is to allow its users to manage and invest digital dollars anywhere in the world, without the need to have a bank account abroad. This single-coin wallet enables gasless payments over the Polygon network. One of the app’s advantages is its ability to provide a user-friendly interface for managing digital assets.

With the app, users can:

  • Create an account with digital stablecoin wallet and secure it with email confirmation and mnemonic phrase;

  • Choose between plans’ options with different number of monthly transactions, limits, and commissions;

  • Top up their account with debit or credit card;

  • Discover list of partners and pay for their goods and services with the app;

  • Make online payments;

  • Receive and sent remittances to their contacts;

  • Manage transactions history.


Altabel's team implemented base UI and functionality of the MVP. What is more, we integrated 3-rd party smart contracts and Alchemy service to the app, set up Firebase and push notifications, built CI & CD (MS App Center). Now there is a beta version of the application and the client is waiting for investments to complete the app with extended functionality.

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