Trading app

Spread betting, CFD and Forex trading application

The IOS application enabling users to check quotations changes, fluctuations and trends on various financial markets and posting comments in Twitter.

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Wellness platform

Online wellness platform for corporations

The wellness portal which has a number of wellbeing programs, that gradually help people to build healthy habits and track their results by collecting multiple biometric indicators (weight, calories, steps, etc) from wearable devices.

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Data-analityc tools

Set of data analytic tools for breast conserving cancer surgery

The set of tools providing sophisticated decision support in breast cancer surgery and full margin control with histology-grade confidence in few minutes before closing the incision.

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Cross-platform application

Cross-platform application for the HR company

The cross-platform application for the HR company which allows reducing the operating costs of regional human resources offices all over the country.

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Alerting system

Population Alerting System

The product for citizen communication and public warning for people’s security, convenience and welfare, emergency (incident) preparedness, etc, through various communication channels, as Voice, SMS, Location based SMS, Email, Fax, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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