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TechBBQ - Startup and Innovation Summit


Copenhagen, Denmark

18 - 19 September, 2019


Helen Boyarchuk

Business Development Manager

Helen Boyarchuk

Business Development Manager


TechBBQ is a non-profit grassroots organization created by the community for the community with the goal of supporting and accelerating tech start-up ecosystem. Since its inception in 2012, every year a dedicated team has been working tirelessly to link Danish, Nordic and International entrepreneurs from the most exciting startups, prominent Nordic Business Angels, the best European VC’s, talented student from top-tier institutions, decision-makers from scale-ups, and the largest corporations and to provide them with cutting edge insights, business opportunities, and network.

With over 2,900 startups, 600 scaleups and 750 investors TechBBQ has become the largest start-up and innovation summit in this part of the world. This year’s event sold out the day before it started with 8,000 tickets sold.


Captains of industry from global tech giants, Heads of technology from fast-growing "unicorns", founders of fortune 500s and industry 4.0 CEOs collide, give talks, share advice and comment on where the industry is heading at TechBBQ.

Royal figures were not an exception among the other guests of the conference - His Royal Highness Crown Prince of Denmark and her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark together with Their Royal Highnesses the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel payed a visit to TechBBQ 2019 and were given a cordial welcome.

You could learn from more than 150 talks and discussions from many stages, participate in workshops and roundtable discussions tackling some of the biggest challenges facing startups and the ecosystem today.

The themes carried forward throughout the event covered:

  • Ecosystems - finding out how we can strengthen connections, identify barriers to collaboration, and implement structures that will build better ecosystems.
  • Mental Health - discussing topics from biohacking to the challenges of promoting mental health in the workplace.
  • Emerging Technologies – this panel elaborated on several subtopics such as: sextech, exploring what the next generation of sex tech brands will look like and how we can use technology to broach such a taboo topic in conservative societies; healthtech, debating on new techniques that allow us to fundamentally alter our bodies like implants and wearables becoming more personalized and refined as well as introducing some of the latest technologies coming out of the health tech sector.
  • Breakthrough - in this track, you could get inspiration from the best in the business about how you can responsibly scale your venture to reach the top of your potential.
  • Global Conservation - talks within this theme focused on developing technologies and ideas that are fostering a brighter future for everyone. The panel discussed questions like: how to avoid "littering" of vehicles? Can we still be sure that dockless two-wheelers are the future of mobility?


The conference was a success and curated an incredible program across the stages providing top-quality content from the brightest minds. At the exhibition floor you could meet many innovative heads from start-ups, industry leaders, investing and VC companies in healthcare, maritime, fintech, smart city, robotics, artificial intelligence developing break-through initiatives and started strategic dialogues that might result in fruitful collaborations, especially that in the Scandinavian region there's high interest in talented and highly-skilled IT specialists from Eastern Europe and nearshore-based Dedicated Development Team approach.

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