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IOT Solutions World Congress


Barcelona, Spain

29 - 31 October, 2019


Yuliya Poshva

Business Development Manager

Yuliya Poshva

Business Development Manager


IOT Solutions World Congress is the largest IoT event in the world to get inspired with new ideas, solutions and people. A unique event dedicated exclusively to joining IoT providers with industry in order to help the latter increase productivity via this disruptive technology. In its fourth year, the event grew to become the global reference for industrial IoT and the annual meeting for industry stakeholders to establish new partnerships.


This year 16,000 attendees from 120+ countries visited Barcelona for the event. The Congress area brought an unparalleled offer of speakers and thoughtful leaders accross the digitalisation of the industries who shared their knowledge and experience on the future of the industrial revolution: 300 speakers – +200 congress sessions divided in 9 tracks. Among the stand-out names this year is the American consultant Joe Barkai, with his particular perspective of how the world will be dominated by artificial intelligence in 10 years, as well as important managers of both large technology firms and developers of IoT solutions, plus user companies, such as Hugo Boss CIO Erkut Ekinci, McLaren Technology Group COO Jonathan Neale, and executives of Airbus, Sanitas, Carrefour Group, Daimler Motors, Ibercaja, Roca, SNCF Réseau, Maersk GTD, and Brussels Airport.

The IOTSWC is today the global reference for the Digital Transformation. 350+ exhibitors from all over the world joined the IOTSWC’19 through their Headquarters and presented their latest innovations in FIRA Barcelona Gran Via venue.

This year IoTSWC themes included connected transport, manufacturing, healthcare, energy & utilities, buildings & infrastructure, and ‘open industry’ (segments such as agriculture, construction, cosmetics, defence, finance, mining and pharmaceuticals).

Furthermore, two new events were co-located with IoT Solutions World Congress’19, showcasing new solutions, processes and services to seize the full potential and value of data across many industries:

  • Blockchain Solutions Forum - Blockchain technology is revolutionising the industry sectors. New protocols and solutions are emerging daily and there are no clear winners for any aspect of an implementation yet.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems - Artificial Intelligence and IoT can completely transform and bring the solutions to the next level. Enhanced insights, complex decision making, self-learning and self-healing are just a few of the capabilities that AI enables.


Each year IoT SWC attracts leading IoT companies as well as the finest international experts, and year 2019 wasn’t exception. The event is a great chance to discuss the latest innovations, understand the impact of new technologies and learn how other companies are increasing their competitive edge with IoT technology.

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