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Hannover Messe


Hannover, Germany

01 - 05 April, 2019


Helen Boyarchuk

Business Development Manager

Marina Karabanova

Business Development Manager

Elvira Golyak

Business Development Manager

Helen Boyarchuk

Business Development Manager

Marina Karabanova

Business Development Manager

Elvira Golyak

Business Development Manager


Being the world’s leading tradeshow for Industrial Transformation, Hannover Messe presents the future of manufacturing in the age of Industrie 4.0, AI and 5G and highlights the benefits of highly automated material flow.


The organisers’ promise for 2018 was that it would be brand-new format and design, more inspirational conferences, networking opportunities and on-stage excitement and flair of a true festival, and it was a leap for CeBIT 2018, there was fresh atmosphere, and everybody expected even more progressive format from the 2019 year event.

The new, revamped CeBIT gathered 2,800 participating companies, over 600 speakers on ten stages, and 370 startups from Europe, Africa and Asia. The hot topics were:

Artificial intelligence

Self-learning systems were a beacon theme in 2018. One of the key topics in this context was data security. Given that many dangerous attacks originate from employee workstations, several exhibitors presented automated security concepts.


Artificial intelligence looks even more impressive when manifested in quasi-human form, like humanoid robots reacting to human feelings and answering questions.

Internet of Things

With the advent of 5G technology, mobile wireless data is about to take a quantum leap, and real-time data communications now make it possible to instantly implement many of the brand-new IoT applications also debuting at the venue floor.


This was vigorously debated, and several companies featured exhibits demonstrating that this technology is suitable for secure data transmission in the IoT, and also for renewable energy trading or car-sharing services.

Moreover, innovative autonomous driving and connected car initiatives in automotive industry were presented especially broadly at CeBIT, which is quite natural for the region, by such giants as BMW Group, Daimler, Bosch as well as numerous startups, especially from Germany.

Still as the 2018 year stats showed later, i.e. declining visitor numbers and continuing reduction in space bookings, CeBIT was still not in the focus...

Technological developments within the digital economy have reduced demand for horizontal tradeshows such as CEBIT in recent years. Digitalization's innovative impact is particularly evident in the industrial application industries. As such, many of CEBIT's traditional core exhibitors have turned to events targeting these industries to generate new business. And consequently Deutsche Messe announced it would integrate CEBIT's industry-related topics into HANNOVER MESSE, while also developing additional CEBIT topics into specialist events for decision-makers from vertical industries.

"In recent years, many discussions within the German industry have involved the thematic overlap between HANNOVER MESSE and CEBIT. It is now time to integrate the topics from CEBIT that are relevant for manufacturing, energy and logistics into HANNOVER MESSE," said Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO of Deutsche Messe AG. "We are currently examining the digital market to determine which remaining CEBIT topics we will develop into new events." Thanks for the past 33 years! “The topics it represented, such as digitization and artificial intelligence, are now seen as overarching tasks – which is also a success for CEBIT."

Hannover Messe 2019 integrated with CeBIT topics debuted well, as the figures show, and this year German Chancellor Angela Merkel was accompanied by H. E. Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden, to open the event.

The trade show line-up was as follows:

  • Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives for Integrated Automation, Industrial IT, Power Transmission and Control, from mechanical engineering and robotics to process automation. The global hotspot for Industrie 4.0.
  • Digital Factory for Integrated Processes and IT Solutions to enable the exchange of data between development, production, and distribution for virtual product development, for production planning and control, and for predictive analysis.
  • Integrated Energy for Integrated Energy Systems for Industry, Heating and Mobility.
  • Industrial Supply - Innovative Subcontracting Solutions and Lightweight Construction as a key topic.
  • ComVac for Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology - Process automation, pneumatic systems, eco-friendly exhaust-air cleaning systems integral to tomorrow's smart factories.
  • Research & Technology - Experts in science and economics with insights into the industry of tomorrow, from cognitive systems for quality inspection to completely new methods of production.

5G and AI have been marked as enablers of breaking-through technology, so they became key discussions during Hannover Messe 2019 along with Autonomous Systems:

  • At the venue 8 showcases networked via 5G were presented, such, for instance, as 5G-controlled industrial robots, a replica of an automobile production plant – this was a world premiere of application to manufacturing.
  • In terms of Machine Learning, various use-cases were presented - the most commonly used method is image recognition, other uses include digital assistants or intelligent bots, face recognition, speech recognition and speech processing, automated translation and transcription, text and video analysis, and autonomous driving.
  • Industrie 4.0 was referred to as a modern industrial revolution with the foundation on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT, on the road to Smart Factory.


It was a pleasure to see how the companies are doing so well at the show. High five!

See you at Hannover Messe next year!

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