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Digital Festival
and Business Innovation Week


Zurich, Switzerland

26 September - 04 October, 2019


Aliona Kavalevich

Business Development Manager

Ann Kozko

Business Development Manager

Aliona Kavalevich

Business Development Manager

Ann Kozko

Business Development Manager


Digital Festival united digital makers in Zurich to build bridges and develop interdisciplinary and future-oriented community. The motto of the Digital Festival "Get it done" inspired all the participants to acknowledge that now is the time to move the digital transformation forward. A multitude of exciting keynotes, workshops, labs and parties provide valuable impulses and plenty of opportunities for networking and bringing the ideas to life together.


At the festival participants discussed the major topics of the digital future also with regards to the challenges and opportunities for the Swiss economy and society.

There was also a great opportunity to listen to interesting speeches which were given by different speakers at the festival such as Boryana Straubel, executive director of Straubel foundation, Donald Kossmann, scientist and director of Microsoft Lab Redmond, Sebastian Guiningam, co-ceo at Wework, Erik Muntz, CTO at Mailchimp, and other talented and skilled experts in the area. They spoke about a variety of important issues on diverse topics such as environmentally sustainable future, ways how to apply personal expertise in identifying and developing human potential and top performance, data management, fundraising and gaining practice in coding, social responsibility in Swiss entrepreneurship, running the company’s marketplace business and etc.

Moreover, there were some of the Labs – practice-oriented events, where there was an opportunity to get off the beaten idea track and face challenges head-on. Run by experts, inspired by new ideas, Labs were organized on different topics: from digital life, health and solidarity to 5 steps to established a high-performance culture. Over 3,000 visitors attended the event to learn from others in workshops or listen to the speakers on stage.

Just over the weekend another great event was taking place in Zurich, the Business Innovation Week. The event took place from September 30 until October 3, 2019 and was conceived as a trend-setting Swiss business event in also festival style on the Zurich Oerlikon workshop. Compact with daily changing focus topics, there was relevant specialist knowledge and the trends of top speakers and a lot of space for networking and meeting.

The focus was on innovations for companies in the form of a knowledge and experience platform for new technologies, trends and new business models - as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, founders and future shapers.

The key topics being discussed during the week were the following:

  • The Future of ... Management, HR, Finance, IT and Marketing ... made tangible!

    More than ever, agility, flexibility and personal networking are important success factors to keep pace with digital developments and to grow with them. In addition to digital know-how, personality skills such as creativity, innovative spirit and social skills are particularly important for the implementation and support of change processes.

  • Success stories of entrepreneurs & top keynotes - very concrete!

    Mega trends, the latest technologies, services, business models and products related to innovation, digitization, transformation, marketing, finance, leadership and the world of work 4.0 were presented in contemporary knowledge formats with concrete recommendations for action with a focus on SMEs.

  • Unique multi-location concept for future

    Dialogue in the Zurich Oerlikon workshop, former industrial halls and the most modern event locations became a meeting platform and a setting for cross-sector innovation, trends and the latest technologies. There was a possibility to discover the latest products, offers and the latest solutions with direct added value for SMEs.

  • Future issues - change is imperative!

    Topics such as artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, automation, cloud, smart data, analytics, security, crypto, world of work 4.0 and sustainability have never been discussed so hotly - even in SMEs!


Thanks to the variety of different topics on a timeline of a few days you really could go deep into the questions of business innovation.

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