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DataAI National Summit (DANS)


Silicon Valley, California, USA

06 - 08 February, 2019


Helen Boyarchuk

Business Development Manager

Elvira Golyak

Business Development Manager

Helen Boyarchuk

Business Development Manager

Elvira Golyak

Business Development Manager


To bridge the gap between DataAI, Tech, Medtech and Pharma and foster innovation in the healthcare sector, the American Association for Precision Medicine in partnership with Google has arranged DataAI National Summit (DANS 2019) and Start-up Showcase & Award Ceremony back in February, 2019.


In the next decade DataAI sector is expected to be heart of almost all industries worldwide. The DataAI sector includes, but is not limited to, Data Analytics (DA), Big Data Analytics (BDA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), predictive analytics, deep learning, neural networks, etc.

"The revenues for Big-Data Analytics (BDA) solutions will reach from $166 billion in 2018 to $260 billion in 2022, at CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 11.9% (by International Data Corporation). The AI Market is expected to exceed more than $191 billion by 2024 (at a CAGR of 37%)."

As the organizers say, "DANS 2019 indeed was a great learning experience for many. We have received positive feedback from many of our speakers, supporters, partners and attendees."

The conference addressed innovative ways of data and Big Data collection, analytics, computing, processing, storage, security and AI. The topics hotly discussed during the sessions and panels were:

  • Big Data & Real World Data
  • AI in healthcare
  • Blockchain in healthcare
  • wearables & IoT
  • legal issues in Big Data and AI
as well as specific ones like data and AI in Precision Medicine & breakthroughs in Genome Editing & future of investment in AI during the Investor Forum.

The Start-up Showcase aimed to recognize the success and vitality of startup companies in the DataAI space, and shown cases provoked broad talks among folks, while the moderators sweat to make the public move on to the next panel.

Furthermore, there were heart-touching inspiring stories, catchy slides, book presentations, politics and some relaxing music at the opening ceremony.


Emotions and ethics versus cold-head thoughts and calculations were evoked and awaken while panel discussions. Overheard in couloirs during the break, a voice of the tech guy was boiling over "How they may talk in healthcare about trading off accuracy to time for data preparation and model training?"

Sincere words at the stage, one start-up founder, after bearing a hardly-beatable disease, was sharing "how he was lucky to have access to the best brain of that brilliant doctor, and how he wished other suffering people might have a chance to "use" this brain and his years of expertise", and thus how AI might broaden the horizon in this terms and make it possible one day regardless of geography, status and cruel time taking great minds away.

Expert opinion of the lawyer panelist about a wide-spread misconception: "Only the thing that you use blockchain somehow doesn’t make your solution GDPR-compliant."

Interesting to see what DANS will bring next year!

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