Viva Technology

Viva Technology

Our managers Anna Kozik , Tatiana Stahovskaya and Julia Govor visited one of the biggest European start-up events – Viva Technology, that took place on May 24-26 in Paris.

Inspiring speakers, exciting innovations' demonstrations, groundbreaking startups, sector leaders... Everyone can find something interesting in VivaTech’s programme whether you’re a startup demonstrating your innovative product or looking for any kind of partnership; an executive planning to boost your digital transformation and stay one step ahead of your competitors; an investor aiming at spotting the next booming startup; or a simple visitor trying to keep up with the pace of innovation today.

100,000 visitors from 125 countries attended this third edition of VivaTech, with 9,000 startups, 1,900 investors, 1,900 journalists, 500+ seminars and conferences - these numbers speak for themselves!

The event also welcomed 300 world-class speakers – public figures, tech leaders, unicorns, startups, and academics. Such business sharks as Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, or Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO of IBM attended the event and shared their innovative views on various business aspects and the future.

Political leaders were not an exception to be noticed among the other guests of the conference. French President Emmanuel Macron was warmly welcomed by a crowd of media people, high-ranking guests and attendees (including the three of us standing at a distance of just two steps :) ), opening the ceremony and delivering a speech on his vision of the tech future for France and the whole world.

VivaTech exhibition floor hosted around over 20 open innovation Labs with brightest start-ups , where we had the opportunity to learn about latest innovations in the sphere of IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, AR/VR, machine learning and to see a number of impressive demos and products: a bunch of various robots and robots fights; different kinds of AR/VR headsets and VR simulations; holoportation; self-driving and even flying cars.


What differed this third edition of Viva from the junior and sophomore editions of the last two years is that in 2018 the organizers decided to make the event attractive not only to the businessmen and politicians, but to the common people as well. They were welcomed to attend the third day of the conference to see all these innovations that now take place every day in our societies.

The reaction of the public was overwhelming, and we can’t blame them for it. We ourselves couldn’t resist trying and testing innovative products from all over the world!

But the rich conference program was not the only thing that made our trip to Paris so exciting. In the evenings after busy days of the conference we were trying delicious French cuisine and couldn't but take a walk around the city and its main sights:

  • - taking a photo near the Eiffel tower is a must and the first thing to do in Paris ☑
  • - enjoying pyramids of Louvre ☑
  • - admiring gorgeous Notre dame de Paris and its chimera statues ☑

  • Viva

    So as you can see, the cultural program was not missed, allowing us to grow not only professionally but spiritually as well.

    Viva Technology is 100% worth visiting: it's a great opportunity to dive deeper into the world of innovation and progress bringing new contacts and business opportunities as well as simply enjoying being among the people who do their best to accelerate our future.

    We hope to see you in Paris next year at Viva Technology 2019!