IoT World Congress and Healthio

IoT World Congress and Healthio

Our managers Anna Kozik and Julia Govor have recently come back from the IoT World Congress and Healthio events, that took place in Barcelona on October 16-18.


Now when all the info and emotions have been assimilated and digested in full, we are going to ask our colleagues to give a brief summary of the events they attended.

[AG] Anna, Julia, what are your first impressions of the trip in general and the events themselves?

Well, it was definitely a good opportunity to attend two events simultaneously as they took place at the same time in co-located exhibiting centres. Certainly the events are different in size, atmosphere, number and nature of visitors.

IoT World Congress is truly a global event. It’s been held for the 4th time, and it’s constantly growing. According to the event website, this year more than 300 exhibitors, 400 top level speakers and 16 thousand visitors from more than 120 countries attended the event. And the scale of the event could be felt even near the entrance when we literally got lost in the people flow :).


While Healthio is a much smaller event with around 100 exhibitors, where doctors, nurses and professionals from companies, hospitals and health systems in general could test and try out the latest advances in the healthcare industry. We have dropped by at Healthio on the third conference day and had very pleasant impressions of it. Last day the exhibition was also open to general public, so there were quite many groups of pupils and students, who quickly split up to different parts of the exhibition to either see innovative medical products or to hear about latest trends in e-health.


[AG] Have you seen many innovative products at Healthio and/or IoT?

When we walked to the IoT hall, the first thing we saw was a testbed area. It is some kind of an experimental platform which was deployed and tested in an environment that resembles real-world conditions. We managed to see nearly a dozen IoT-based prototypes and projects jointly developed by leading companies were exhibited. What we liked most was a smart buoy to monitor water quality in Alaska and save beluga whales and a smart gate that opens when the owner arrives.

Some of these solutions were even awarded as the best testbed of the fair at the IoT Solutions Awards.


Healthio is an industry specific event dedicated to healthcare domain exclusively. The organizers divided the conference area into four areas, so it was easy to navigate there. There were areas dedicated to the future of healthcare, medical innovations, consumer health living lab and live operations. We saw devices to detect potential meningitis in newborn babies, diabetes self-monitoring systems, artificial intelligence software to predict new clinical episodes and applications for developing personalized medicine etc.


[AG] What were the hottest topics at the events?

Well, IoT is a very broad domain, but predominantly what interested visitors most of all was industrial IoT, Big Data & Machine learning, cloud computing, robotics, etc.

For Healthio - I would name almost the same topics, just in relation to healthcare domain.

[AG] did you attend any co-hosted events?

IoT Solutions World Congress was co-located with Blockchain Solutions World and AI & Cognitive Systems Forum. We decided to spend more time on the “battle field” and focused on meetings with exhibitors mostly. Also the event hosted a matchmaking event that gave us a great opportunity to meet industry professionals, increase the professional network and establish new partnerships.


What differed this year’s IoTSWC edition is that there was a special session devoted to analysing the leadership role of women in the IoT ecosystem. As far as we know they invited several female directors of well-known companies such as Google Cloud, Big Belly, IoT Global Initiative, Hitachi, ABB and Microsoft to be present at the event. It’s always great to see that the IT industry recognizes the impact that women have on the tech arena.

[AG] Would you recommend these events to be visited next year?

Certainly! These two exhibitions are worth visiting next year.

[AG] Both events took place in Barcelona. Have you had an opportunity to take a walk around the city?

Despite challenging and busy conference days we couldn`t but wander around the city in the evening and enjoy its cosy atmosphere and warm weather. We visited the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the mountain Tibidabo, enjoyed the sunset on la Barceloneta, walked around the Gothic Quarter and Plaza Royal. On our last day in Barcelona we managed to visit the masterpiece of Gaudi - Sagrada Familia and were deeply impressed by its beauty.


In general it was a very good trip, and we hope that it will turn out productive and efficient for us and all the visitors of the events.