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IoT TechExpo 2017

Altabel Group representatives Marina Karabanova, Kristina Kuleshova and Yulia Poshva visited IoT TechExpo 2017 held on 1-2 June 2017 in Berlin. Europe's largest and leading IoT event attracted an audience of over 4,000 attendees with delegates from across Europe and beyond.

The IoT Innovations and Technologies track provides a platform for businesses from start-up level and beyond to showcase the latest innovation across the entire IoT ecosystem that are transforming the way enterprise and business view the Internet of Things. The two-day event hosted 3 co-located events, 10 conference tracks, an exhibition, start-up incubator, IoT meetup and an evening of networking.  Reports and discussions during the conference covered most relevant topics: Industry 4.0, process automation & predictive maintenance, blockchain, the future of IoT development, creating a seamless smart building ecosystem, IoT 2022 and more.

Speakers from Microsoft, Deutsche Bahn, Coca-Cola, Hamburg Sud, John Deere, BMW, Turkish Airlines, City of Tampere, Nice, Graz, European Space Agency, GSK, Allianz and more sharing their knowledge and experiences across a range of industries and verticals.


Thanks to combined conference & exhibition format we had a wonderful opportunity for face-to-face communication with our target audience making lots of useful contacts and gaining valuable experience.