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About Us


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Altabel Group has been operating in the IT sphere since 2007 providing advanced software development services and IT consulting. We specialize in setting up and managing remote Dedicated Development Teams of highly-skilled senior and strong middle level IT specialists for our Customers’ projects focusing on building trust and long-term cooperation.


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Healthcare and medicine, wellness

Banking, finance and fintech

Energy and green tech

IoT, smart cities, smart home


E-learning, education

Smart HR

Transportation, logistics

Tourism and travelling

E-commerce and retail


We started working with Altabel in 2020 and we are very happy with the quality, reliability and competence of all team members at Altabel. It feels like we have gained new team members at Icaros rather than working with an external company. Their transparency in accounting and communication is flawless and helped us to always know about costs involved. A reliable partner easy to recommend.

Michael Schmidt, CEO, Germany

Altabel has been a perfect match for Knowie during our startup phase and will continue to be so going forward. Their big effort to understand our code, our team and digital teambuilding product quickly created a high degree of trust that allowed for early value creation. It also made it easy to match Knowie with the best suited developers that could both code and provide advice. Altabel have been pivotal for Knowies development as a startup and our high customer satisfaction, through their flexibility in scaling the provided development resources up and down, with short notice and their ability and willingness to jump in and put out urgent fires, to secure the best possible experience for our customers.

Kalle Clausen-Bruun, Founder, Denmark

Altabel team has prodded consulting on a C# based project, and they demonstrated a high level of technical competence, domain knowledge, and willingness to learn new technology and apply them in the right way. In addition, the engineers on the team are professional and hardworking, and that, combined with the technical aptitude, made our cooperation a success.

Steve Shi, VP Engineering, USA

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