Case Study for Quality Assurance & Testing

Web-based product testing


The Customer specializes on product software development for federal and commercial enterprises.


Our Client approached us to perform testing for one of his products prior to the deployment.

The product was a web based search engine built on the latest web technologies.

The application was required to be tested for live updates that require for making the design changes during the development.


The team started working with clarifying the details needed for QA and Testing (Test documentation with requirements and deployment guides). The detailed requirements were gathered and analyzed in order to make the testing process reliable and smoothly running.

The QA and testing process included bug reporting, bug fixing and build-updates along with cross browser testing. The work was deployed within a week and at the end was accompanied by adding and editing issues in bug system provided by the Customer and detailed report for approval.

Beyond planned issues engineers identified additional bugs that were reported too. Along with bug fixing the team suggested some improvements that would be helpful for further product deployment.

As a solution for testing was used manual method. All bugs founded were reported in TFS system.

Technologies and tools

.Net XML, Windows Server 2008 (32 and 64 bit) , Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012, Autonomy IDOL Server, SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010, Team Foundation Server 2010, Testing SharePoint Solutions
Domains: OS: Windows

Managing system for oil industry testing


The Customer is an IT company, which is the leading provider of enterprise software solutions and services to gas and oil industry.


The main objective of the project was to automatize test cases provided by the customer. Automated and manual testing was conducted in accordance with the provided documentation (Technical Assignment and Test Plan).

The system is designed to improve and organize the work process within the kind of sphere as oil industry. The system is designed for a wide range of people working in this area with unique set of permissions and tools.

For each user of the system a certain role and a limited set of permissions is determined, according to which different users have access to a specific set of data and tools.

Testing covered a number of sections of the system.


As a solution of the automated testing issue the following bunch was chosen as Eclipse, Selenium RC and TestNG.

The system version for testing was deployed at the local server for improving of tests execution and debugging speed, automated tests were kept in a remote repository. The final set of tests was run using Windows batch files.

Simultaneously with the tests automation manual testing of the system was being conducted. Defects found while testing (both manual and automated) were sent daily to the Project Manager in the report form provided by the Customer.

Technologies and tools

.Net Framework 3.5, ASP.NET WebForms, Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server 2008, Eclipse , SeleniumRC , TestNG, XPath
Domains: OS: Windows
Language: C#, Java, JavaScript

Requests Approval Module testing


Customer is a regional distributor of a huge car producer.


The main challenge of the project was to add a requests managing module to existing modules for contracts and purchase orders managing.

There are several departments in the system, for each department user roles with the following permissions are established.

One user of the system can have permissions of several roles.

The system has already had two modules - contracts and orders confirmation. And it was required to do the requests confirmation module, so that then one could add requests to contracts. After the requests managing module was integrated it became impossible to create a contract without adding the corresponding request approved in the proper way through all steps.


The work scope of QA team included:

On our side Altabel Group was responsible for checking if the request approval process is run correctly at all approval stages. Also we were responsible for request managing process testing for its correct behavior and correct running. Additionally we test the system for correct performance after editing data via SharePoint 2010 interface.

The requests approval module was successfully implemented to the common Requests, Contracts and Orders Managing System.

Technologies and tools

.Net Framework 3.5, ASP.NET WebForms, Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, JQuery, CSS, IE Debug Bar
Domains: OS: Windows
Languages: HTML, JavaScript