Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our Quality Assurance (QA) department equipped with a comprehensive library of hardware and software components, offers a wide range of software testing services to meet the most strict business requirements Altabel’s Quality Control specialists perform all aspects of testing, report any defects and provide a valuable analysis of their possible root

Software testing is an integral part of the whole development process.

At Altabel we suggest that our customer create a team of quality assurance engineers, supplied with all necessary equipment, hardware, and software. Your own QA team will consist of experienced personnel, who will be interviewed and selected by you.

Altabel’s customers make use of our QA services when:

  • an independent audit of the software development services of the present service provider is required
  • technical support (including its cost) of a completed project becomes a challenge
  • product quality enhancements are needed to increase overall business profitability
  • an onsite/nearshore software development process requires a dedicated offshore QA team
  • access to a unique experience, specific testing platforms, and software licenses becomes one of the major customer's goals
  • there are some other customer-specific needs

Our QA engineers
have wide testing expertise of
different kinds of applications
using the latest
technologies and tools

Operating Systems

MS Windows, Linux, UNIX
iOS , Android, Windows Phone


Security Test Tools

Watchfire Appscan
Positive Technologies XSpider
tools for injection checks


Test and Issues Tracking

Mantis, AtlassianJira
Elementool, Redmine


Automated Testing

Selenium IDE
Selenium Builder
Selenium RC + TestNG
SoapUI etc.


Our testing team excels in the following types of testing services:

  • Integration Tests
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Environment Testing

Stages of
Software Testing
Life Cycle

Requirement Analysis

-Identify preliminary QA team staffing
-Review Customers' requirements for testing project evaluation
-Ensure requirements are well-understood by all parties
-Review the requirement specification


Test Strategy phase

Test Strategy phase defines the type of application under testing, approach used, the choice of tools, environment and functionality


Test Planning phase

-Preparation of test plan document for various types of testing
-Test tool selection
-Test effort estimation
-Resource planning and determining roles and responsibilities
-Training requirement


Test Case Development

This phase involves creation, verification and rework of test cases & test scripts. Test data , is identified/created and is reviewed and then reworked as well.


Test Environment Setup

Test environment decides the software and hardware conditions under which a work product is tested. Test environment set-up is one of the critical aspects of testing process and can be done in parallel with Test Case Development Stage.


Test Execution

During this phase test team will carry out the testing based on the test plans and the test cases prepared. Bugs will be reported back to the development team for correction and retesting will be performed.


Stabilization testing

Stabilization testing is carried out when all functionality has been developed and the application is ready to be launched into production. Interconnection among all modules and parts becomes refined, and testing is carried out in live conditions.


Release and product support

Even after the system has been released, testing still plays an important role in the maintenance process. All changes introduced to a system must be tested to ensure that the system continues to provide the business function it was originally designed for.


Our expertise covers the full range of quality assurance and testing services with focus on meeting user requirements in terms of cost, delivery schedule & service.

Not all applications can be tested manually, at least not without investing time frame and budget. In this regards, testing automation services can be a solution.

Altabel Group offers automation testing services that combine the speed and cost-savings benefits when developing and supporting large-scale or mission critical applications.

A list of tips for our Customers to implement the right approach for QA & Testing services

When do I need to start software testing?

No matter how professional and qualified the developer is, software testing is a crucial point on the planning stage of application development. The appearance of the bugs can be resulted on the different development stage or during the whole process. So to avoid reworks and delays with product release it's better to start testing at the early stage.

How to decide what type of testing to use?

Different software testing methods are divided into two big groups - automated and manual testing. Automated software testing accelerates the overall testing effort, but it doesn't eliminate the need for manual testing. A certain amount of manual testing will always be required to ensure that new and modified features are functioning properly. The testing becomes more effective if to use a combination of manual and automated tests. Automated testing uses for validation of already existing system functionality where the bugs are expected to be found. Meanwhile manual testing is required for new and complex systems.

What's the role of documentation in QA?

The documentation plays important role in testing. A documented approach helps to save money, effort and present project information. Well - documented projects are more mature and provide QA specialist with knowledge of the product to be tested. The product with good documentation is the way to perform the testing more effective.

In which order should tests be run?

The order you run the tests based on how long the testing will take and whether the test will pass or fail testing. Ideally it is needed to run the entire tests but if you don't have enough time and try to minimize the time on reruns then you should run the more important and difficult tests first.

How long will the testing take?

It's a mistake to assume that effective testing depend s on the number of cycles or how many test cases have been executed. In order to realize effective testing in short period of time business requirements or acceptance criteria should be up to date. To manage the tests more effective each requirement identified in test case should be given priority.

As an option the time estimate could be measured also in the following way: all test cases could be divided in three groups: easy, middle and hard tests. Primary estimate how much time will take to do the easy tests, and then increase this number twice and three times for middle and hard ones. Add to this estimate percentage on unexpected factors and then review it in progress.