Microsoft Technology Development


MS Solutions break the limitation and allow software architects, analysts and developers to use the most functional and scalable methods during application development process and deliver integrated solutions with highest levels of productivity.

Our Microsoft professional team always try to meet the customers needs.

We use the latest MS solutions and technologies and apply the most flexible approaches.

We offer a full project lifecycle from idea elaboration, deployment and development to testing and post-productive product support using latest tools and technologies. Our team is oriented on customers business needs and merges flexible approaches to build effective solutions at the highest possible level of quality.

Altabel IT consultants
and software engineers
could offer
various types of
Microsoft Services

Desktop and
System applications

Windows desktop app development
.NET app. migration and porting
Desktop applications for Windows 8
MS Office add-ons development
WPF - for desktop app development
WCF - for services development
WinForms app Development
Microsoft SQL Server


Web-based solutions

ASP.NET web app development
Web portal development
(ASP.Net - B2B, B2C)
Custom website development in ASP.NET & MS-SQL
Web service development
E-commerce web app development with ASP.NET


NET-based CMSs and frameworks development



E-commerce applications, online payments and booking

B2B and B2C eCommerce
Online payments and booking
Online Merchandising
Customer Service
Online Marketing
Loyalty Programs
Web Content Management
Mobile Solutions


Cloud computing and
Windows Azure solutions

Custom software development
Porting of app. to Windows Azure platform
Testing of software applications
Consulting in Windows Azure



Deployment and configuration of MS SharePoint
Customization and maintenance
Integration of Integrated SharePoint-based systems
with other software
Migration to MS SharePoint 2015
MS SharePoint consulting



Integration with SharePoint
Integration of Silverlight plug-ins with existing web app
Improvement of existing AJAX app
Development multimedia solutions
Development of Silverlight-based controls


Our people have developed a number of projects based on MS technologies in different industry domains, like healthcare, education, banking, media and telecommunication, etc.

A list of tips for Customers on how to implement successfully Microsoft Technology

Microsoft Sharepoint customization and adjustment: why is it vital?

Microsoft Sharepoint is one of the top rated products of Microsoft. It is a full-featured suite of many different apps. These include: content management, enterprise social networking, intranet, extranet and portal creation, collaboration tools, project and workflow management, business intelligence, enterprise search. Companies use it to do many different things, or to do the same thing in many different ways. It means that SharePoint contains many applications that can be set up in many ways.

For SharePoint to work properly you should also consider about its customization. One of the best practices to make the process smooth is to define users’ roles: who will use SharePoint and make the changes, who will support it and at the same time training program that is vitally important should be integrated in the SharePoint governance plan. Only through a defined process of customization the business could benefit from the power of SharePoint’s tools.

NopCommerce: why to choose for business?

Many eCommerce platforms are accepted by online merchants for their business to grow online. nopCommerce development is one of the fastest growing development platform of the eCommerce sector. Among a variety of solutions there are many reasons/advantages to choose nopCommerce for your business. These include: open source – so it’s free of charge to download; very flexible which makes customization very easy; has a pluggable architecture that allows additional functionality and presentation elements to be dynamically added to the application at run-time; stable and highly usable; integration with third-party services, etc. All these capabilities make e-commerce platform secure, scalable and extendable. So it will be appropriate option for mid-sized and large businesses with tendency to grow.

Desktop VS Web Apps: what to choose?

One of the first decisions you have to make when choosing a new app for your business is whether to go with desktop apps or web apps. The major difference is that desktop apps run on your computer hard drive while web apps run on a third party company’s servers.

If you are choosing between desktop and web apps, find below a few scenarios where one outshines the other.

Desktop Apps are best for:

  • Those with spotty Internet connections
  • Those who are super-concerned with security
  • Larger businesses who can be severely hurt by downtime

Web Apps are best for:

  • Those with small budgets
  • Those working remotely with virtual teams
  • Those who have individuals frequently working on the go from multiple places