Game Development

Game Development

Altabel experience embraces a full range of activities for game development from business analysis, rough budget estimation and writing technical specifications to complete technical projects and publishing to mobile stores.

At Altabel Group we have expertise in designing and developing visually attractive and creative games.

Our team includes game developers, architects, business analysts, designers and testers with broad experience in the game industry who may help with your game idea implementation starting from generalising your idea and elaboration of the game plot up to architectural design, development, UI and game characters and elements design, integration with payment and social systems and networks, and publishing to mobile stores (AppStore, Android Market, etc).

game specialists
have experience in
all kinds of games
of different scale and size

Mobile Game Development

Our team develops games across major mobile platforms as iOS, Android, Windows as well as cross-platform game solutions with the help of HTML5, Unity etc.


Web Game Development

Altabel game development team offers vast possibilities for web game creation: online games of different complexity, HTML5 and Unity 3D web games, Flash games of diverse size.


Unity 3D Game Development

Unity 3D engine could be used for creating 3D games, videos or other interactive elements such as architectural visualizations, real-time 3D animation, interactive simulators. Unity 3D gives a possibility to deploy the application on all browsers, PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, Nintendo, Wii, Playstation and Xbox with the same level of performance.


HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 game development is in state of rapid evolution right now. Customers are turning to HTML5 as a "write one, run many" solution. Also HTML5 helps your game load and run faster as well as it reduces your bandwidth cost. Altabel`s game development team keeps up with the latest trends in cross-platform game development and offers HTML5 game development services.


Flash Game Development

Our developers have vast experience in developing Flash/Flex games. These games range from single user games to massive multiplayer online games. We handle all aspects of Flash/Flex game development. Also our game development team may assist you to integrate your game to Facebook, VK and other social networks.


Gambling Solutions Development

Our experience covers different variants of mobile/web gambling engineering: from direct connection to popular networks to online lottery game development.


Social Game Development

Altabel game engineers are able to create social game solutions starting from simple games for Facebook, VK and other social networks up to solutions that allow users to play online games together with other players (MMOs).


Game Porting

Our porting services cover porting games from one mobile platform to another: for instance, from J2ME, Symbian to Android, to iOS; from ageing technologies like Flash to advanced ones like HTML5; from desktop techs to mobile platforms and vice versa.


Game Asset & Artwork Creation

At Altabel Group we house artists and programmers who are capable of creating and delivering high end visuals and graphics for the games. Professional skills include high-low-poly modeling, sculpting, UV-mapping, texturing, (diffuse, normal map, occlusion, specular), realistic and game rendering, web-design, UI, concept sketch drawing, etc.


Game Testing & QA services

We offer Game Testing and QA services on most platforms which include iPhone, iPad, Android based Tablets/Mobile devices, PC, MAC etc. Our game testing team excels in the following types of tests: gameplay functionality testing, compatibility testing, usability testing, localization testing, etc


Altabel game development team has experience in building a wide range of games from simple 2D mobile games to complex desktop strategies. All our games pass through a series of quality checks in order to keep the app error free and develop games according to industry standards.