AI & Big Data development

about Altabel Group

At Altabel Group we can help our clients to rethink their solutions to a more advanced and innovative form leveraging Big Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI and Big Data are proving to become inevitable for businesses efficiency in various aspects

AI enables all sorts of automation for business processes that are still largely manual and transform unstructured data into valuable insights or actions.

Altabel Group helps our clients to automate their businesses and improve efficiency by building AI-based software:

  • - AI-Powered Chatbots
  • - Artificial Neural Networks
  • - User Behavior Analytics
  • - Advanced Business Analytics
  • - Inner Processes Automation
  • Machine Learning provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Our expertise includes:

  • - Computer Vision
  • - Machine / Deep Learning
  • - Natural Language Processing
  • - Enterprise Security
  • Altabel Group enables our clients to adjust Big Data modules and transform them into ready to use solutions. What we provide is:

  • -Big Data Consulting
  • -Data Aggregation
  • -Big Data Integration
  • -Data Migration
  • -Big Data Optimization
  • -Architecture Strategy & Design
  • -Big Data Implementation
  • -Business Analytics
  • The following technologies,
    tools and approaches
    can be applied



    Apache Spark


    Apache Hbase
    Apache Hive


    IBM Watson Explorer
    IBM Watson Analytics
    IBM Bluemix


    Along with big data, AI technologies are creating new opportunities for businesses in incorporating new standards into their systems and processes. Implementation of Big Data, Ai& Machine Learning techniques will enable delivering new insights to your company operations.

    Some tips for our Customers to consider while planning to use Big Data & AI based development

    Cloud-based vs on-premises big data applications

    There are two ways to use Big Data - host your big data software in your own data center or use a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based big data applications are popular for several reasons, including scalability and ease of management. The major cloud vendors are also leading the way with artificial intelligence and machine learning research, which is allowing them to add advanced features to their solutions. However, cloud isn't always the best option. Organizations with high compliance or security requirements sometimes find that they need to keep sensitive data on premises. In addition, some organizations already have investments in existing on-premises data solutions, and they find it more cost effective to continue running their big data applications locally or to use a hybrid approach.

    Are Big Data and Hadoop the same?

    Big Data is nothing but a concept which facilitates handling large amount of datasets. Hadoop is just a single framework out of dozens of tools. Hadoop is primarily used for batch processing. The difference between big data and the open source software Hadoop is a distinct and fundamental one.

    Deep learning vs Machine learning

    Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, and machine learning is a subset of AI, which is an umbrella term for any computer program that does something smart. In other words, all machine learning is AI, but not all AI is machine learning, and so forth.

    What is the best AI for Android?

  • -AIVC (Alice);
  • -Amazon Alexa;
  • -Bixby;
  • -Cortana;
  • -Dragon Mobile Assistant;
  • -Google Assistant;
  • -Hound;
  • -Jarvis.